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“I started doing Bikram Yoga because a friend told me about how much you would sweat during class. That’s really what got my attention. I was doing running and biking; but I couldn’t sweat at all. Because of this, I decided to try Bikram Yoga. If it did work as my friend told me, I would have a new hobby, and if it didn’t, I lost nothing. Needless to say I now not only sweat but have also found a true passion of mine.

I used to constantly get sick. Now with the help of yoga, I am one of the healthiest, craziest people ever. Before becoming a teacher, I did yoga for seven years. My first two years I took things easy. I did class about three times a week. As my strength grew, I pushed myself even harder and began to take class seven times a week. Now, after completing training, I do class seven to ten times a week. While my friends and family think I am crazy for doing yoga so often, I know it is where I belong. Yoga keeps me happy; therefore my husband and children are happy (only because I am nice now).

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Kim began her yoga practice at the age of 15. She learned a few postures from watching yoga on PBS in the late 1970s. It was about 10 years later that she took it more seriously after many years of back pain due to arthritis. And then finally 10 more years passed when she finally found Bikram’s Yoga. The Bikram’s Yoga has made a tremendous difference in her life. Mainly, the stiffness, pain and inflammation from arthritis in her ribs and hips have almost vanished! After the first 10 Bikram Yoga classes she was interested in attending teacher training, mostly to challenge herself. After attending the Fall 2005 Teacher Training, Kim decided to teach. Along with her full-time job as a Meeting & Incentive Planner, she teaches twice a week and practices yoga regularly.

Kim is originally from Bangladesh and has lived in San Diego for most of her life. She currently is trying to motivate her very large family to attend a Bikram Yoga class. Maybe some day you’ll see them all in class!



I was born and raised in former Czechoslovakia. I’m schooled in culinary arts, hotel management and marketing. After completing my degrees I decided to go to see the “world”. I came to the US as a chef and was enjoying it a lot and getting ready to open my own restaurant. At the same time I was doing some modeling which required lots of time in the gym. Being and chef and being a model is not the best combination. One personal trainer told me, that I need to stretch more. She told me about Bikram Yoga. In my first Bikram Yoga class I almost died, but that night I knew that THIS IS IT, and I was hooked.

I practiced a lot, I spent less and less time in the gym. People started asking me what I do different, because whatever it is, it works well. I had a hard time explaining how and why it works, so not even a year later in spring 2009 I decided to go to Teachers Training in Palm Desert. I spent 9 weeks there, the best time of my life. When I came back to Vermont, where I was still a chef, I realized that people in my restaurant loved me for about 90 min, while they were enjoying my food and having fun, but then when they left feeling stuffed and guilty, they kind of hated me for while. In yoga, people hate me for 90 min, when I’m telling them to do weird stuff with their bodies, but then they love me forever. And cooking people is much more fun! So a couple of months later I quit my job and became a traveling yoga teacher. I was traveling and teaching for about 4 months and my last “stop” was in San Diego. I planned to stay for few weeks, but somehow I’ve been here more than year. I guess I found what I was looking for, I’m home 😉

I’m loving my new life. It’s awesome to be able to share with people all that I’ve learned from Bikram and to see how their lives change. I still have a lot to learn and I’m willing to do so step by step, one breath at the time. I hope to see you all in hot room soon, NAMASTE 😉



Not being a California native, I came here from a place where the people are warm but the winters are cold! People there like to say “I’ll try anything once… twice if I like it!” and if it’s good for you, “why not?” That’s exactly how I ended up here! I tried San Diego once on a February getaway and was warmed by the spacious Pacific shoreline, friendly weather, and diversity. After finishing up college studies of Public Relations and Marketing, I found myself trying it twice. With the exception of a hiking adventure stop in the Colorado Rockies, I rolled out here – cross country – in a VW bug. Interestingly enough, it’s the similar story with Bikram yoga! Before trying a Bikram yoga class my thoughts on yoga were ‘Hmm…. Definitely not worth my time!’ Throw in the word ‘hot’ and….’okay– NOW I’m curious!’. After my first class, I was convinced it was not just good for me, but Fantastic! My inner vitality was percolating from head to toe. For me, no other form of exercise had been this rewarding, which definitely made it ‘worth my time’. January 1st, 2010 I committed to a daily practice. Two months later, I was modestly thinking about teaching. By fall 2011, it all came together and now I can share the energy which has a positive ripple effect outside the hot room for everyone! So, if you love life and it’s good for you, ‘Try anything once… twice if you like it!’… Namaste! ~Monica



My yoga journey started in 1981, doing hatha yoga classes as a student at UC Santa Cruz. Although I had practiced hatha yoga off and on for the next 30 years, it was in doing my first Bikram Yoga class July 2011 that it really caught my attention. The class had rigorous Standards: it was challenging, it was disciplined, and it was serious. I couldn’t remember being put to the test so much in a yoga class — ever. The heat and the way it felt afterwards became very intriguing.

Following that first class, I did thirty days in a row, and then Teacher’s Training in April of 2014. I love the positive effects the yoga has on my body, of course, but more so, on my mind and spirit – calmer, clearer, more focused, and striving always to be more “bullet-proof”. Personal growth has always been one of my passions. Working 24 years for Tony Robbins, I traveled the world, helped produce life changing seminars, and I see Bikram Yoga as another step in my own personal transformation.

Lightness and joy are also important to me. Having performed and taught improvisational comedy with the National Comedy Theatre since 1999, I try to bring at least a little bit of laughter into every class, reminding everyone there who is “killing themselves in our torture chamber” to do so with a “smiley, happy, face”. I’m looking forward to seeing you killing yourself in our torture chamber with a smiley, happy, face, soon.



I reluctantly walked in to my first Bikram Yoga class in 2008. A friend convinced me to go after watching me go through years and years of chronic back pain. After my first class, I knew this was for me, and I never looked back. Class was physically demanding, and gave me a good challenge on all fronts. It’s been relentless forward progress since then. After a lot of hard work my back pain went away within the first 6 months.

In 2012 I completed teacher training and came back to Bend, Oregon and taught full time for 4.5 years. I moved to San Diego in December 2016 and am happy to share this yoga with the beautiful community here.

I am an ultra runner, rock climber, ski and snowboard enthusiast, hiker, and cyclist. Needless to say, my body is constantly being pushed to the max…in every possible direction. Bikram yoga is the only thing that keeps me going in all the things I love to do. It is an active recovery, a place to heal my entire being.

In 2015 I under went a massive pelvic reconstruction surgery to fix a genetic hiccup I have called Hip Dysplasia. The surgeon went in and essentially chiseled and sawed my hip socket apart, re-shaped it, then screwed it back together. This is no easy, quick recovery. I managed to go from a wheelchair, to walking aid-free in 2.5 months. Even though it was a long healing process, the doctors all agreed I had a rapid recovery time.

I was in the hot room doing yoga in a chair for many months before I could bear weight on my leg. Bikram yoga is what made me pull through so strong. The healing aspect of this yoga is mind blowing to me. I’ve seen it work first hand. The idea of helping just one student find the spark in their eye when they discover the transformational benefits of this yoga is what keeps my fire going as a teacher.



I began practicing Bikram Yoga in Burlington, Vermont in 2000. Running, tennis, and long distance swimming had been my exercises of choice; but then a torn ACL and knee and shoulder surgery, and an allergy to chlorine turned my world upside down. I wanted a workout as intense as running, but good for my joints and spine. I needed help to improve my slumped computer posture. I tried other local yoga classes, but nothing worked like Bikram Yoga.

My wrists and shoulder could not take the pressure of sun salutations in many other forms of yoga. Bikram Yoga is very safe for the joints. Perfect for beginners and for advanced practitioners. A regular practice healed and strengthened my joints, and cured the hand tingling and pain I had from years of computer work (the pain had been caused by bad posture that compressed the nerve from my spine to arm).

Most importantly, Bikram Yoga changed my mind. I gained awareness of what had been unconscious thought patterns, and through that awareness, made changes. It helped me recognize and work through low self-esteem, weight fluctuations, and an eating disorder. I feel healthier, stronger, freer, and more flexible now than I did 16 years ago. In hindsight, I’m grateful for the injuries that caused me to try Bikram Yoga. I could not have imagined at the time that they would be the catalyst to a healthier and more fulfilling life. I’ve been teaching Bikram Yoga since 2006, and I feel very grateful to share this life-changing practice! : )



Tina was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She is currently attending University of Phoenix for her Masters of Arts Degree in Marriage and Children Family Therapy. Tina has always had a passion for helping others and making a difference, and has worked to translate this passion into her teaching of Inferno Hot Pilates. She has always shied away from group workouts until her mom, JoJo, excitedly volunteered her for Inferno Teachers’ Training. this is where Tina recognized that there is more to life than just what we are comfortable with, and is now thriving under the motto “it’s good to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in life!” When she isn’t at the studio, Tina spends her time with her son, Christopher (a frequent face at BYKM), traveling, and enjoying time with family. She is excited about growing with our Kearny Mesa family and doing what she can to help others through the practice of Pilates.



Over 16 years ago Jake climbed the stairs that led to the Green Lake Bikram Yoga studio in Seattle, knees probably shaking, in search for his first ever yoga class.

Since then he has practiced in 151 different studios all over the Bikram world. He graduated from the Teacher Training in Palm Desert Spring ‘09 and has taught in over 30 different studios so far.

A Canadian American, Jake moved to San Diego from Seattle on September 1, 2010 and loves the yoga community in the area.

Teaching Bikram Yoga full time is a dream come true and there is nothing like being part of people getting the yoga, says Jake. “The positive overall change Bikram Yoga brings to a person’s life is incredible and unique to the individual.”

Jake was involved in hockey for thirty years and was part of the 2004 Stanley Cup winning Tampa Bay Lightning before becoming a Bikram Yoga instructor.

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Right off the freeway at Hwy.163 and Balboa.
Bikram's Yoga College of India - Kearny Mesa
4411 Mercury St Suite 205 San Diego, Ca. 92111
858-277-YOGA (9642)

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